AOL OnePoint is your PC’s all-in-one security dashboard. Once you complete the easy installation, you can protect your passwords, secure your credit card information and set up one-click access to your online accounts, all from one convenient desktop application.

The OnePoint application ensures your safety online with product and services protecting you, your computer and your family. Here are some of the benefits:

  • COMPREHENSIVE – Get access to your online and offline identity information in one place - anytime, anywhere.
  • FAST - Click once, enter your Master PIN once and AOL OnePoint does the rest automatically.
  • CONVENIENT - You no longer have to remember all of your online account user names and passwords.
  • SECURE - AOL OnePoint protects you from identity theft and is the only product specifically engineered to create a direct - and fully secure - connection to your online accounts.
  • EASY - It's easy to set up and use. Once you install the software and create your Master PIN, add your online accounts as you browse.

AOL brings you the only solution that protects you everywhere your information travels, ensuring that you have no holes in your security.

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