Quick Start Guide

Get up and running with AOL OnePoint in 3 easy steps:

1. Download and install the AOL OnePoint software

a. Create your 4-8 digit Master PIN

b. Select online accounts to add from your browser

c. If you have IE9, or IE10 installed on your PC, you will need to enable support for AOL OnePoint. Click ‘OK’ on the screen shown below and an IE window will open.

On the IE web page, simply click on ‘Enable’ as indicated. IE will then be optimized for AOL OnePoint and the web page will automatically close.

2. Set up protection for your online accounts and single click access

a. Select accounts from your list and log in once to complete set up

b. As you browse, respond to the prompts to add additional accounts

c. Log in every time using your AOL OnePoint

Access additional AOL services included as part of your AOL subscription on the right had side of your AOL OnePoint. Once you’ve installed these services, you can access them directly at anytime from your AOL OnePoint.

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